Well, in terms of investment I have always advocated that silver metal is a good investment; so is gold for that matter, but I think you get a wide variety of experts on your website discussing the metals. I think investors would do better and will be better served if they spend some time figuring out exactly what their personal take or expectations or intentions are. I think the majority of investors don’t spend enough time on figuring out their strategy. Am I a long-term investor? Am I a trader? Am I looking for a tenbagger in the next year? Am I a high-risk taker? Do I want some stability (in my portfolio)? Do I want to be in blue chips?

I think those are very important questions and should be part of their thinking. A couple of years ago I made the case that we were entering the second phase of the bull market. This is the institutional phase, where investors would be better off if they followed the money, so to speak, and positioned themselves in companies and investments that institutions will come into.

The case I made was for companies that have established operations or assets and are kind of “out of the woods” in terms of if they’re going to make it, but their full potential has not yet been realized. The article is available on my website, and there’s a flow chart there that shows money flows the way I expect them to flow around. So, I think the midtiers or the up-and-coming producers or producers that are expecting a bump in their production would perform well in the current period. And I still hold that view.

The other strategy I employ is to find stories early, and then you either bet on the team or the asset or both.

via Silver Stocks Building for Breakout in 2012: Sean Rakhimov [ASM, ASM, GV6, EDR, EXK, EJD, FSM, FVI, FVI, F4S, SVL, STVZF] – The Gold Report.



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