All right Joe, we see you talking about these guys. But who do you really read and follow? Who do you recommend?

Although these questions seem the same at first, they are actually different.

Who do you really read and follow?

I read a lot of different blogs and newsletters. There are folks I like to read for insight or even contrast that I would never recommend to others, except in special circumstances. There are others that I read for information that I might recommend to most, but not to others. So, I won’t really share all the information I peruse. Frankly, some of it you’re better off not knowing about.

Who do you recommend?

We have a few categories below. Depending upon how much time you have and want to invest, we’ve provided these categories to help you use your time wisely. There are many that I wish I could read more about because they have so many wonderful things to say. But we must choose how to spend our time and I need to try to keep my reading narrowed in order to bring you the crème de la crème (More of my premium edukashun busting loose there).

Currently, while we subscribe to many free newsletters and read a plethora of blogs, we rarely pay for any subscription. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s simply a fact of the pocketbook. We’re too stinkin’ poor to be able to afford these guys, not to mention being able to invest in their recommendations. It’s not that they’re not worth it. It’s that we don’t have the worth to offer. Having said that; we’re not too proud to accept donations. We won’t beg (much), but neither will we turn down offers. And, when/if we do subscribe to any of the paid newsletters, we’ll let you know. As always, do your own due diligence in regard to all of these letters. Just because we think one’s great, doesn’t mean you will.

Paid Subscriptions

Here you’ll find the paid subscriptions we receive. We’ll only pay for those we actually think we can benefit from. And if we don’t see any profit in keeping them, we’ll dump them as soon as we can.

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

This is a great newsletter for helping you think. Don McAlvany has been writing this for many years, offering insights into geopolitical issues. He is expressly Christian and free-market in his perspective, bringing a breath of fresh air to his global economic and monetary commentary. If you give them a call, ask for George Etz and tell him you don’t know me. He charges my friends extra.

Some of My Favorites for Thinking Outside the Box

These writers are not necessarily Christians. Some obviously aren’t. Others may be. But all of these writers are guys I love to read and wish I could subscribe to their services.

Simon Black

Casey Research

We are not “traders.” We don’t do a lot of buying and selling, and frankly, we find trying to guess the top and bottom a risky game we don’t want to play. After all, we prefer investments where we can stack the odds in our favor. Instead, we look for quality plays in companies and markets where the trends are our friends, then hang on until the company has either met our expectations or a until a better opportunity comes along.

Bill Bonner

Steve S

Some I Like to Read, but Don’t Necessarily Recommend

I try to get a lot of different perspectives. Some of these guys just parrot others. Some don’t seem to have their own ideas. Some have some good ideas, but simply don’t do a great job of expressing them. And some are borderline mainstream, meaning that they buy in to too much of the mainstream spin on things. Let’s face it. It’s hard not to buy into it for any of us. The best way I’ve found to avoid it is to simply turn off the TV. We don’t have cable. We don’t watch TV. I very rarely catch any mainstream news. And when I do I usually get angry or nauseated.

Some That I Recommend Everyone to Avoid

This doesn’t necessarily happen very often, but there are a few out there that we simply want to warn you about. These could be for any reason, including disinformation, propagating very poor ideas about God, terrible views on humanity or maybe it’s just obvious that they’re so caught up in the mainstream that they can’t see past the spin that they’re a part of. While we are careful about placing anyone here, it’s possible that we caught them on a few bad days. In other words, do your own due diligence in all cases.

Highly Recommend for All Aspects of Life

These are all Christian in their focus and considered sound in their handling of God’s Word. Some deal with monetary and geopolitical issues. Others focus on simply teaching the Bible. All focus on teaching us how to be more like Christ in our daily lives.