Welcome to the thoughts and meanderings of Another Joe. Hopefully you’ll get something out of our efforts. If not, feel free to add something at the bottom that might make reading our blograg worthwhile.

This is not another one of those geopolitical/economics newsletters or blogs that simply tells you to flee your homeland for greater opportunities, touts gold hoarding, gun buying and food storage, or strives to help you see through the deception and insidious policies of our guvment thiev… ermmm… tax systems. No, this is much more than that. It’s not that we’re against those things, per se (yes, a man of many languages). It’s that, while we need to look at these things seriously, they are symptoms of a bigger problem.

This blog is unapologetically conservative (from a contemporary perspective), liberal (from a historical perspective), complementary (from a gender perspective), Austrian (from an economic perspective), anarchist (from a political perspective), libertarian (from a social perspective), Christian (from a fallen perspective) and, thus, contrarian (from a lemming perspective). Our goal is to sift through the great newsletters out there and offer some thoughts that help us consider the truth of what they say, but grounded first and foremost in the truth of what God says. Many of these guys are experts in economics, politics or other-ics, but somehow think that their quoting of Jesus, Calvin, Luther, Paul, Moses or God himself reveals some sort of expertise in the area of theology as well. It’s best if these guys leave the theological lessons to the theologians and deal with what they know best.

I’m just Another Joe. But I suppose I’m not your Average Joe. You might see me pop up on forums here and there, where I share a piece of my mind, whether I can afford to or not. I want to help people think, but not get too caught up in the system of the world. To that end, we’ll deal with the thoughts of these gurus, some of whom I greatly admire, and try to ground the truth of what they’re teaching in the wondrous teaching of our Creator and Savior. Some days we might not focus on the biblical implications so much, but more on the economic, political or sociological aspects. Other times it’ll be a Bible study built to refute error that one of our favorite gurus might unwittingly propagate. And, due to my own ignorance, known or unknown, I’ll get some things wrong. There will be plenty of opportunity to correct me in this regard as well.

Our effort is to help expose you to some great thoughts regarding politics, economics, sociology and how that relates to theology. Basically, we’re out to help people grapple with the news (disinformation) that filters down and think outside of the box, but with a desire to help you think according to the truth as God has revealed it. Of course, this isn’t for everyone. But, we’re confident that it’s for someone, somewhere…

And, like all who write on anything that might affect your livelihood, we need to offer this disclaimer. While much of what we say might seem to come across as personal economic, financial or investment advice, we are not qualified to offer such advice. We have no education in politics, finance or economics other than the fact that we have to submit to politicians and trade in currencies printed by their handlers. This does not indicate that we are experts though. So, for your own protection, do not take any of the political, investment or economic ideas or anything that appears to be advice as personal advice for any individual, especially you. We can’t take responsibility for any mishaps or losses you encounter because you perceived our ideas as personal advice. Please seek a paid professional if you desire such services. And, regardless of any decisions you make, do your own due diligence. Study and understand your decisions before you make them. Don’t rely on some self-proclaimed expert to tell you what you should do until you’ve studied the matter for yourself and are ready and willing to take responsibility for your own actions.

There is one area where we do hope to influence you, however, and that’s in your relationship with God almighty. This is one area that we can claim some expertise. Now, we might blunder from time to time, so we encourage your own due diligence in regard to this as well. But we can rely on the Bible to be completely accurate in all its claims (2 Tim 3:16-17). Therefore, insofar as our advice reflects the truth claims of Scripture, we claim perfect knowledge. You can rest in the truth according to God. But be a good Berean and check it out for yourself as well.

We also want you to know that we’re striving to live what we preach. By this I don’t mean that we just buy a coin here and there, own guns and stash a few dinars under our mattress. No, I mean we strive to live what we preach in every way. First, we want to honor God. God says to obey the civil authorities. So we try to do so. But God does not say that we have to stay in one place. With this in mind, and as you’ll see in our commentary, we’re looking at options both domestic and foreign. It’s entirely possible that we’ll find ourselves writing for your pleasure (or other reactions) from an entirely new location in the not-so-distant future. So, we’ll try to keep you posted on our thought process as we work through the details and implications of such a move. It’s not to be taken lightly. But, perhaps, it is to be taken. I know that I, for one, look forward to what’s going to happen. Your prayers for wisdom and discernment would be greatly appreciated.

For those who wish to comment, we only have a few basic rules.

  • There will be no profanity… not even accidentally implied. If we don’t like it then we’ll delete it.
  • There will be no ethnic slurs. We are one race. Deal with it.
  • There will be no promotion of terrorist activity.
  • There will be no poor grammar or misspelled words. Okay, I won’t necessarily police that one. It’s just one of those things that bother me in our civilized society of growing illiteracy (and shrinking civility).

We hope you enjoy yourself, learn and are blessed by our postulations. I know I’m learning a lot reading all this stuff. And hopefully I’ll learn from you as well.

Kind Regards,

Another Joe