The Dollar Vigilante was in rare form this weekend, with some ironic humor coupled with sober reminders of the challenges confronting us. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, considering that our freedoms are eroded under the false premise of protecting our freedoms. As always, read with discernment.

Kind regards,
Another Joe


Last fall I gave a speech at Libertopia in San Diego called “A Return to Free Market Money and Banking”.  Theyve just uploaded the video of the presentation now.  You can see it here:Ill likely be speaking at Libertopia again this fall, so keep your eyes open for that.  I particularly like that the conference is in San Diego so I can fly to much safer and tranquil Tijuana and walk across the border rather than have to fly into a US airport.  I am even considering bringing the family this year, chihuahuas and all, because I refuse to ever fly into the US with them as long as the TSA exists.

via The Weekend Vigilante – The Dollar Vigilante Blog –.

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