Steemstock is Steemit-fueled outdoor music and art festival coming this fall to Austin, TX! (thanks for the description @papapepper 🙂

Steemstock have awesome live music,live art, camping available for those who wish to camp, genuine sustainability, face to face community building, great food, fun activities, tattoo artists, yoga, meditation, a mini-spa, crypto/trading/blockchain/tech/revolution talks, workshops, wifi, a market place and much much more!!! (If you see anything missing from the list please leave a comment)

As for the music and art, my goal is to recruit 100% steemit talent. I would also like to have some guest speakers – there are plenty of qualified candidates here on steemit.

Steemstock will foster the growth of steemit and steem by bringing awareness to the community as well as to the currency. People will be able to sign up for steemit at steemstock. I’m sure there will be plenty of people who can guide the newcomers through

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