Image: @homeartpictures (Member of Aspiring Whales and Dolphins)

What a great first week! Thank you to all our participants, each of whom grasped the format and delivered remarkable prose.

The format is simple, yet tricky: write a story based upon a given word, in this week’s case, ‘Spring’, in fifty words or less. See the original post for full contest rules.


A huge thank you to our friends at SteemTrail who have been nothing but supportive. See below

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The next contest will be announced tomorrow (Friday, 10th March around 6pm New York time.).

Third Place:

FOR SPRING by @henry-gant

Our story begins in the Colorado mountains during the winter months with the snow, driving sleet and the mud it eventually creates. Dark, cold, wet, sucking mud. Water, wet boots and dirty floors everywhere. Days of depression . . . Seasonal Affective

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