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I used to think that the Broadsheet Newspaper journalists must earn way more than those from the tabloids. I was wrong!

It is only when you try to write the whole story in a quarter of the words that you realise the skill required by the shorter form.

The 100 Word Story Contest is designed to stretch your imagination and indulge your vocabulary. How evocative can you be? How can you awaken the senses? Is their space for characterisation? Of course!

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SteemTrail and @ebryans are excited to present this engaging initiative. On a weekly basis there will be a new theme about which to write your 100 word (or less) stories. So, please get involved with the very active and popular writing side of steemit.

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100 Word Contest Regulations

  1. Participants are to submit their stories in posts with the #100words Tag as the primary tag.
  2. More than one entry is permitted,

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