Building Communities One Trail at a Time
Friday Wrap up
Steem Trail itself :
Although we usually discuss the individual trails where most of the human interaction is going on, there are several things about SteemTrail proper that you might think are worth taking a second look at.
101 SubTrails :
Steem Trail has over one hundred subtrails. Many of these created quite recently and most of them very active. Starting SteemTrail must seem, to the admins, very much like building a Trading Post in the wilderness and watching a hundred families move in and create a city around you. Some of the SubTrails are ready to branch off new sub-subtrails.
32 Active Curators :
Of course what this means is that some curators are handling more than one trail, but often not alone. Your humble reporter is in one group of six, a group of three (five, counting informal curators). and two groups of

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