But she’s been an amazing and loyal companion whose memory we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives.

Joogsie…how’d she get a name like that?


We’ve had other Great Danes, one named Clifford and the other two named Jessica (I and II). We lost the first two in one night when they got to the freeway. It was a tough day. The other we had to give away, along with my blue heeler (Abed-Nego = Benny) due to changes in our life that precluded our ability to keep a dog.

This one was a gift to my wife from the boys. We had just moved and had been without a dog in the house for too many years. And we all love Danes, so the boys set about surprising their mother with a pup. They found a good breeder in Wisconsin (we lived in Michigan at the time), so me, our