Approval of Steemit owners requested! Here is my plan how to create SteemPublishing. Yesterday I suggested the creation of SteemPublishing so that we can publish our Steemit content in book form.
SteemPublishing website
In January I will start to make a SteemPublishing Website where you can submit your manuscripts for editing and which will become the portal to sell your book and ebook online. The criterion for publication is that you have already made all this content available on Steemit!
SteemPublishing as a non-profit foundation
SteemPublishing will be a non-profit organisation: The profit will go 100% to the authors of the book. We will of course have costs of the shipping and printing of the book. If you let your book be edited by SteemPublishing, we will bring a certain percentage of the returns of the book into account for a certain period i.e. until our costs are covered.
If the owners of Steemit agree