### As we come to the close of our second week since the introduction of SteemNews.Online, we’re getting a better grasp of what works, what doesn’t and some of the challenges to overcome.


#### Besides tech issues (which will likely be a long-term challenge), curation can be very demanding. We do have a few folks contributing articles to [our Discord channel](https://discordapp.com/invite/tYbHT). If you’re on Discord, look up the SteemNews trail and have a chat.

# Work Flow

In order to streamline the process, we’ve implemented a few tools. One of these brings in feeds to our website, so curation can be done there, deciding whether or not to feature specific articles. The flow goes something like this:


1. Check articles in the #steemnews feed. This is our first consideration. If they’re good quality, they get featured, upvoted and resteemed. And, yes, we have a Streemian trail, for those who want to lend their voting