### SteemNews.Online (@steemnews.online) is Steemit’s answer to the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing that has become the standard of modern journalism. With the help of Steemit journalists and curators, SteemNews.Online will provide timely, informative and accurate information on current events.


**Our first week of attempting to dial things in provided several challenges and, as you can see, resulted in at least one significant change.**


# One Significant Change

In case you weren’t there for round one, we got new digs. The original name was Steemit News. Pretty terrific name, isn’t it?
Well, there were two main concerns, both of which we should have foreseen, but were probably too excited about getting things going. The two concerns were:

1. **It’s not Steemit Inc** – By adopting the name we could promote the illusion that we’re an official Steemit Inc project.
2. **Trademark Infringement** – Steemit is a trademark name. As such, it’s inappropriate for any effort that

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