### SteemNews.Online (@steemnews.online) is Steemit’s answer to the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing that has become the standard of modern journalism. With the help of Steemit journalists and curators, SteemNews.Online will provide timely, informative and accurate information on current events.


## **NOTE: This is a repost of the previous announcement made from the @steemit.news account. The change was made to honor the Steemit trademark and to not give the impression that this is an official Steemit Inc. endeavor.**

#### Teaming up with curation guilds, including SteemTrails, Curie and other efforts, SteemNews.Online will watch for excellent news content for our readers. It is our goal to grow into a viable news outlet, featuring Steemit authors from around the world.

Curation has already started in the #news category as well as #newslink. All articles with one (or both) of these tags will be posted on our new website (still under construction).


Featured articles will be highlighted



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