many may remember, I have been working toward developing a plan to help set the Haitian island of La Gonave on a regenerative path.

You can [read more about that in the conclusion to my series on La Gonâve](, which includes links to the entire series at the bottom.

# Biodigester Workshop

While I was unable to raise enough at this time to get me to the island for next week’s workshop, Jean Rony Toussaint has had all but his transportation costs covered. This includes the training/workshop, meals and any transportation once he’s there. However, it does not include his transportation (and meals) to and from the workshop, which involves a ferry ride across the channel and a taxi or bus to a suburb of Port au Prince.

TH Culhane, Co-founder of [Solar C³ITIES](, will be there to lead the workshop in cooperation with [HEART]( It sounds like Jean Rony will be able