While visiting a friend in California last year, he took us to a restaurant where he ordered some fried bananas. 
I’d had fried plantains before, which I found very underwhelming. They’re fine, but just sort of bland starchy filler, as far as I’m concerned. But he raved about them, so I went ahead and ordered some.
The bananas they used were about 4-5″ long, sliced lengthwise about 3/16″ thick. And, to my amazement, they tasted great. They didn’t taste like anything I expected. Instead, they had this sort of sour sweetness that was complemented by the frying. But I hadn’t had any since then, and hadn’t given it a lot of thought since nobody around here serves them.
When at a market the other day I saw some of these little bananas, so figured I’d give them a whirl. I expected them to taste like regular bananas, just smaller. But when I got

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