Throughout the world, dry-lands have seen a reduction in productivity. Many attribute this to overgrazing, soil depletion and other contributors to soil degradation, for good reasons. But there is a solution. land management gets to the root of the problem and works with nature to rebuild land. We discussed this in some detail in Part 2 – La Gonâve, Haiti – A Vision of Regeneration for a Degraded Land and Impoverished People. Videos from both Joel Salatin and Allan Savory are included in that article, which provides some excellent detail regarding the restoration of land through intensive ruminant management.
This can be done on any scale and in any environment. In large rain-forests, nature will generally take over and do much of the work, as long as the soil isn’t swept away. In arid regions, it could take hundreds of years for nature to restore itself, if left alone. In few cases

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