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Do More With Less
When The Sun Has Set No Candle Can Replace It
40 Years As An Amateur Guitar Player
Holiday on Belitung Island!

Natural Population Decrease – The Lightweight Edition
George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic Band
A Safe Place
Fascinated by Guy Ritchie

Oak Valley Plantation Louisiana
Give Your Pain Purpose
The Joys of Being Robbed in Argentina
A Walk Through Overland While Missouri Floods

oak-alley-plantation-441828_960_720 close up.jpg]


steem & tech
Chicken & Cocks @sirlunchthehost
VOTU Memes Of Appreciation
Ned Is Not A Dark Soul
Who Owns The Steemit Blockchain

ZAPPL’s Introduction @thedegensloth @zappl
Steem Blockchain Data Service @inertia
Stimi, the Polish Steemit
Advert for Creative Types

Star Wars And Star Trek Predict The Future
Vivacoin is Hiring
Sundaya Solar Power


Intergalactic Beer
Drinks Around The World
Swordfish with Balinese Spice
Raising Agents & Baking
Honey From Dandelions
Morel of the Mushroom Story

Digital Currency Happy Hour in Kansas City on May 18, 5:30 PM, At Brown and Loe

Culinary Challenge Update @samstonehill
50 Word Contest. @literature-trail
Art Challenge @aksinya
Spanish Challenge. @tincho

Standard small 2 op

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