Steem + Bitchute = MoOn!

Straight to the point:

I got Creator of the Torrent-Powered Youtube Killer BitChute interested in collaborating with Steemit. And all it took was lots and lots of texts, asking him to follow me on social media so I could pm him until finally I reached him and talked about Steem. (Ironically I don’t sell steem to people by talking first and foremost about the payouts…I Lead w/ Censorship Resistance!)

This will be short and sweet because most of my work has been done behind the scenes finding and catching Ray Vahey of BitChute, but suffice it to say I have been working hard since the launch of Steem behind the scenes to get big players looking at and talking about Steem if not diving in right away. Ray Vahey is perhaps my largest catch yet…
I could write a big prosy essay about Ray and


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