A while back, I published some articles about “beating cancer.”

“Like werewolves and vampires, bacteria have a weakness: silver.”Nature

My intention was for the articles to be a public service to the Steemit community. I intended to “Decline Payout” on all of those articles.

Well, oops, I managed (with no less than five of those articles!) to fail in my intention. Yep, I hit “POST” without setting the “Decline Payout” option. My bad.

Giving Back to the Steemit Community
Giving Back to the Steemit Community Photo courtesy of David Everett Strickler and http://unsplash.com

I promised to make up for those lapses.

I tallied up the earnings from those five articles and I asked the Steemit community to help me identify a fellow Steemian with a health issue. I planned to gift those unintended earnings to said Steemian.

While there were a couple of suggestions in response to that article, I ultimately (on my own) discovered the

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