Users are advised to NOT convert SBD to STEEM at this time

Users should not convert convert SBD to STEEM using the 3.5 day conversion unless they have reviewed the market conditions carefully, and know what they are doing.

SBD is currently trading for more than $1 USD worth of Bitcoin / STEEM.

What that means is that you are better off using the internal Currency Market to trade your SBD for STEEM. You will get more STEEM per SBD this way, since SBD is trading for more than a dollar.

An alternate option (if you know what you are doing) is to use an exchange like BlockTrades, Poloniex, or Bittrex to trade the SBD for BTC.

Many witnesses are starting to adjust their price feeds to inflate the price of STEEM.

The intention of this is to temporally increase payouts / SBD generation, since they are currently artificially low due to

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