The 50 word contest for new Steemians is currently in its fourth week and we have seen some amazing entries, If you want to know more about this amazing contest and how to participate, you can click HERE

So as you all know writing a story in fifty words can be very challenging and requires clever use of words to pass your message across, so the fifty word story organiser @ogochukwu is going to be sharing some sensory words that can make your writing better and allows you to give more details with the limited number of words you have.

I shared the first two installment of sensory words last week, you can read it HERE and HERE
Below is the third installment of the sensory words.


Acid doughy minty rank sweaty
Acidic earthy moist raw sweet
Acrid floury moldy rich tangy
Alkaline flowery musky rotten tasteless
Aromatic fresh musty salty tough
Biting fruity oily scented