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Short arms and long pockets is the accusation thrown at the Scottish.

Being partly Scottish myself, I take umbrage at the suggestion!

Short stories and broad imaginations are what is needed here. So far this week we have several excellent entries. Check out the 100 Words tag for all the latest.

Yosemite National Park Image: arthistory327

This week’s theme is:


Everyone has a sense of wilderness … desert plains, rugged forests and deserted islands spring to mind.

Where is your wilderness? How does it make you feel? Are you alone or accompanied? Is there anybody out there?

The 100 Word Story Contest is designed to stretch your imagination and indulge your vocabulary. How evocative can you be? How can you awaken the senses?

Poems are more than acceptable, as are multiple entries.

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100 Word Contest Regulations

  1. Participants are to submit their stories in posts with the #100words Tag as the primary