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The Steemit 100 Word Contest is an initiative designed to generate quality content as well as community engagement and interaction. I am very grateful for all who took part in Week 1 and for the support of SteemTrail. We hope that many more will be inspired to “take up the pen” in Week 2, which will be announced tomorrow, 20th March.

This post will be distributed on Facebook and Twitter to demonstrate the talent and breadth of the steemit community.

With the new 7-day pay-out period, please do visit these Author’s works and show your appreciation by voting.

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The Winners of Week One


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Third Place receives 100 TRAIL and 4 STEEM

Sensation by @krizia

“Somebody!? Help me!” I cried.
“Where are you going? Everybody’s bleeding!”
I held Everybody in my arms. Warmth slowly left his lifeless body. His blank eyes stared at me. I can feel the burning sensation in my heart.