Fiction-Trail Daily Magazine: Author Smackdown!
Every week fiction-trail will choose an
an author and contributor of fiction
on Steemit and poke them with our probing talk stick! It could be you next time!
This week we speak to none other than the first curator of the fiction-trail @baerdric! Lets see what’s behind the beard.

FT: How and when did you first learn about Steemit?

B: About the middle of October last year I was searching for distributed apps for chat. I tried Steemit and almost left when I saw that it was more blog than chat. I signed up and tried out the posting and voting, but wasn’t excited until I learned about the blockchain.

FT: What piqued your interest in the Trails?

B: I had read about SteemTrail and was confused, so I figured I would write a post one day, which made me research. That was the same day they announced Trail Coins, by coincidence,