It appears that my BitShares witness, verbaltech2 was voted out yesterday. This is an appeal to those of you with a stake in BitShares to please cast your vote for this witness and reinstate it as a block producer.

I have been a BitShares witness since before graphene existed until yesterday. When graphene was launched I worked with witness wackou, writing a deployment shell script to facilitate setting up new nodes. I also added 3 seed nodes which can also be switched in to serve as an active witness in the event the primary witness node fails.

There was no warning given for my slide from 3rd ranking of 27 witnesses a month or 2 ago to being voted out. I am currently ranked 26 and 3rd in line to become active as the votes stand right now, behind xn-delegate with 314M votes and spartaco with 298M votes. Spartaco is

Stack 11 Op

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