### Stewardship of land, people, flora and fauna, for mutual awesomeness!


Today I’m introducing a new series based on holistic regenerative agriculture, specifically focused on the Regrarians Platform. [Regrarians®](http://www.regrarians.org/), a term coined by Darren Doherty, blends regenerative and agrarians. It may be the single most holistic systematic approach to land management in practice today.

>The Regrarians® Platform is the basis of work flow & decision-making for all of Regrarians Ltd. work in designing, developing & training in the field of Regenerative Agriculture & Living. The Regrarians Platform is based on the ‘Keyline Scale of Permanence’ developed by the late, great Australian agricultural landscape designer, [P.A. Yeomans](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._A._Yeomans) as outlined in his 1958 classic, ‘The Challenge of Landscape’.

There’s a temptation when introducing a series to try to tick all the boxes in one shot. Of course, that would negate the need for a series. But it also would do readers a disservice, if for