### Hash Rates Available on Genesis – Discount Code – Jaxx Wallet Support Coming

https://z.cash/theme/images/zcash-logo-black.pngA new cryptocurrency, Zcash (ZEC) will go live tomorrow. Unlike the myriad ICOs launching every time you turn around, though, this one is different. You can’t buy Zcash yet (though futures are available), the only way to start acquiring them tomorrow is to start mining.

Many have been attempting to perfect their mining rigs over the past couple of months as Zcash worked out some bugs. Now, with the launch looming, several companies are offering mining opportunities and what is probably a huge number of private miners will fire up as soon as the whistle blows.[![](https://www.genesis-mining.com/files/300×250/GM-Affiliate_Banners-Zcash-300x250px.jpg)](https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/208061)One of the companies offering their mining services is Genesis. Well-known for offering mining of several other cryptos, including BTC and ETH, Genesis has a track record of being able to deliver. What isn’t clear is how much competition they’ll get and how