Howdy Steemit,

In order to try to get some funds to Haiti quickly, I put out [this article]( inviting folks to give. Right now I just want to give an update.

Jean Rony went up to Happy Dog. As you may recall from [my regenerative series](, it’s his childhood home, where his parents still live and the main location where I am hoping to begin a regenerative project to heal the ecology of the land.

What he saw there was heartbreaking. His parents have two small houses (probably sheds for most of us). One is completely devastated. The other has major damage. But his parents are well.
This is what’s left of the church, one of the larger buildings on the mountain. is just an example of a food providing tree now gone forever. They’ll be able to eat those bananas, but there will be no more coming. Avocado, mango, abricot, coconut and other


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