Greetings Steemit!
Thank you for your support for the ongoing efforts to improve life for Haitians on La Gonâve island. Here is the information to show that your trust has been honored and payment sent to the island accordingly.

The original article to get funds to Haiti was for the Biodester – [La Gonâve, Haiti – Biogas/Biodigester Workshop for ASHOG’s Jean Rony]( It netted 71.08 SBD.

The next article requesting help was specifically regarding the hurricane, [For those Who Would Like to Help La Gonâve, Haiti, in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew]( It netted 1.78 SBD.

@steemitcharity ran the biodester article as well, [A Great Opportunity to Support Biogas/Biodigester Project for La Gonâve, Haiti!](, netting 22.35 SBD.

71.08 + 1.78 + 22.35 = 95.21 +
Today’s article is at about $12, so I will anticipate a payout of about that much Steem/SBD (though it likely won’t get that high) + 12 = 107.21

@sethlinson donated $8 SBD

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