Up to this point we’ve mostly set the playing field and put our pieces in place. We’ve done some minor tweaking to the first overview, and now we’re going to start really refining it. Some scholars, such as Leslie McFall, have studied this topic so intensively that they’ve proposed seasons for specific accessions and co-regencies. Our purpose here, however, is not to narrow down our precision so much as show a good working possibility.

# **A Workable Overview**

There is secular historical data to back up the dates of both the fall of Samaria and the fall of Judah. According to a Babylonian chronicle written in the 22nd year of King Darius (500/499 B.C.), Shalmaneser V died in the tenth month of the fifth year of his reign, 722. It is noted that he destroyed the city of Shamarain, which is likely Samaria. This substantiates a date of 723/22 for the fall

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