From Ed D’Agostino,

With the volatility investors face in today’s uncertain global economy, it’s never been more important to diversify and add security to your retirement plans.

Few, if any, assets offer greater stability to your portfolio than precious metals. Unfortunately, investing your IRA in precious metals has – up until now – been a tedious and time-consuming process.

Today, that all changes.

I’m excited to announce that the Hard Assets Alliance has shattered the old paradigm, offering a streamlined and highly efficient way to manage your own IRA with all the security and simplicity of our SmartMetals™ account.


The Old Paradigm

Setting up and funding a traditional precious metals IRA can be a cumbersome process.

Perhaps you’ve been through it: filling out the forms, waiting for confirmation, filling out more forms, and after a couple of weeks, finally establishing a precious metals IRA.

And that’s just what’s involved to get your IRA open and funded. Then you have to begin the process of purchasing precious metals within your IRA – which means more paperwork. Then you have to find a reputable dealer, order your metals, coordinate all of the details with the custodian, and arrange your shipment – each and every time you want to add to your precious-metals holdings.

An arduous task to be certain! By the time you’re finished, you’ve jumped through countless hoops and waited two or three weeks to finally own precious metals in your IRA.

And when it comes time to sell some of your metals, you have to begin jumping through hoops all over again simply to manage your precious-metals investments.


Today, That All Changes

The SmartMetals IRA from the Hard Assets Alliance offers you the first fully integrated IRA program, combining:

  • an online custodial account
  • storage, and
  • an ultra-secure purchasing platform

… all into one seamless and very intuitive process.

**The 2012 Contribution Deadline is Fast Approaching**

There’s still time to apply your SmartMetals IRA investment to

your 2012 tax year.

Open your SmartMetals IRA today!


Quick, Easy, Painless… The SmartMetals IRA

By combining the tedious, multi-step process of traditional IRA accounts into four basic steps, you can now:

  • Set up your SmartMetals IRA with one simple online application – your application process involves nothing more than taking ten minutes to fill out a simple online form.
  • Fund your account – within 48 hours of completing your application, you will receive details on how to fund your account.
  • Begin buying, storing, and selling precious metals within your IRA – make purchases, store your metals in Salt Lake City or New York City, and sell at any time, all through your online SmartMetals account, or call us to place your orders (minimum order per item is $5,000).
  • Easily manage distributions – When the time comes to take a distribution, simply request delivery of your metals, or sell a portion of your holdings and withdraw your cash. The Entrust Group will generate the necessary tax reports for you.

Gone are the days of multiple forms to fill out, numerous phone calls to make, and weeks to wait in order to open, fund, and purchase metals for your IRA.

With the Hard Assets Alliance, everything you need has been combined into one full-service program.

And this is where the SmartMetals IRA really shines… by simplifying the process, we’ve been able to greatly reduce the costs. There is a one-time fee of $25 to set up your account. After that, administrative fees are an incredibly low $100 a year.

It really is a one-stop solution for your precious-metals IRA.


Efficiency Without Compromise

Whether you prefer gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, access is right at your fingertips through your new SmartMetals IRA.

By bringing the custodian, dealer, and storage facility together under one roof, we’ve provided the best of all worlds when it comes to diversifying your retirement into precious metals. Enjoy the security of precious metals with the technology and ease that simply makes sense… all just a few mouse-clicks away.

Don’t let your IRA force you into stocks. Let us help you bring the security of physical precious metals to your retirement. Learn more about the new SmartMetals IRA today.


Ed D’Agostino

General Manager

Hard Assets Alliance

Fast, simple, and secure

The SmartMetals IRA – the next evolution of precious-metals ownership

Open up your SmartMetals IRA today