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I’m still digging up some info on the implications of Keynesianism. The challenge isn’t a matter of gaining new information so much as compiling what I have in a manner that is most clear and helpful.

I recently read testimony that was somewhat chilling. It’s not about the buses, but the draconian incursion on our rights through the TSA. It’s not often that I’ll post someone else’s entire entry here. It’s easier, and perhaps more integrous, to post an excerpt and a link for you to follow if you’d like. That’s what I almost always do in the editorial section. I don’t make a big deal out of it, but simply leave it there for readers to peruse at their leisure, if you’re so inclined. Today, with a degree of sadness, mixed with horror and even a sense of disbelief, I post this entry that has been shared by a couple of sources, from Gary North’s web site. I have asked a friend to write out their recent experience with TSA as well, and will share it with you if I get permission. If these claims are even half right, our founding fathers would rush to arms. But, then, there are those in our government who identify our founding fathers as America’s first terrorists.

Papers, pliss!

From Scary Gary’s “On Carrying Currency or Gold Coins: TSA Is Closing the Net on Land Travel”

Bus travel:

One of his reader’s accounts of bus travel:

I recently took the bus from AZ to NC. I wanted to avoid TSA.

“Greyhound was totally inefficient. I got into NC 8 hours late (a bit much after 2 days rolling) and most buses do not have the advertised WiFi. One bus I was on had it but it didn’t work. I complained to the 400 lb. driver and he cut me off telling me I had to “understand that nothing is perfect”.

Later, when I realized we were going to be an hour late getting into Memphis and so I would miss my connection, he said I needed to “forget time”. Certainly he and Greyhound had.

The whole experience was worse than 3rd world and very reminiscent of the 1941 movie, Sullivan’s Travels. TSA was in Memphis going through people’s stuff and wanding them. In Atlanta a local cop was doing it. He even made forays into the waiting area doing same. Disgusting to see. I managed to avoid searches, in Memphis because they were doing such a thorough job on line #2 they did not get to line #1, and in Atlanta just because the cop never got to my side of the waiting room. I put it down to the Ganesh button I was wearing.

Since I was carrying about $10K (to buy a car in NC) I had cause for fear, ironically more over “my” government than my fellow passengers who, while a world apart from me, were respectful and honest.

3 things about the passengers: Their fashions were something to behold. They mostly all smoked. Haven’t seen so much smoking since Vegas. Whenever the bus would stop they’d all pile out and have as many as possible. And they all had phones they were constantly fiddling with. Whenever the bus would stop there would be a scramble to find outlets to charge them up.

Passengers up from Fla. had some TSA horror stories. One guy was accused of having coke and stripped and searched. No apology when none found, just loud insistence that he had some they simply could not find and they were going to “keep an eye on him”. A diabetic lady was reduced to tears when they found her stuff. Bad, bad, bad. Outside of US airports, in all my travels I have never seen such disgusting violations.”

Next, TSA will go after trains. From thier website:

TSA plays an important role in securing our railroads and conducts inspections and investigations to prevent attacks, share best practices and solve problems. Across the country, TSA deploys transit inspectors, VIPR teams, canine teams and provides grants to protect and support mass transit systems. Layers of Security

* Transit Inspectors- Through the Surface Transportation Security Inspection Program, or STSI, we have deployed 100 inspectors assigned to 18 field offices across the country, to provide support to our nation’s largest mass transit systems. Read more about our Security Inspectors

* VIPR Teams- Federal Air Marshals, Surface Transportation, canine teams, and advanced screening technology working as Visible Intermodal Protection Response, or VIPR Teams, offer the ability to raise the level of security in any mode of transportation anywhere in the country quickly and effectively.

* Canine teams- Explosives detection canine teams provide strong detection and deterrent capabilities and can be sent quickly to key junction points across systems, stations, terminals, or other facilities. Read more about our canine explosive detection program

* Grants- Our work focuses greater information sharing, increased training and public awareness, and providing greater assistance and funding for rail transit activities. Grants and awards to rail systems around the country total millions of dollars yearly.

Scary Gary’s conclusion:

“They do not have enough people to set up check points on the highways. They can do it randomly. They are doing it. But travel by car is still a safe way to transfer assets from place to place. Stay within the speed limits at all times. Also, travel on weekends. Bureaucrats hate to work on weekends. Travel on three-day Federal holiday weekends. This is especially true if you ride the bus or a train. Depart on Friday evening and arrive by Monday evening.

The TSA will expand its power and jurisdiction until it runs out of money. The public accepts it. There has been no meaningful resistance. “Your papers, please” will become a way of life here, just as it was in Nazi Germany. It is the ultimate phrase of every civil government. But, at some point, the U.S. government will run out of money. Until then, our privacy will diminish.”

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