By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD

Before you sell your kids to buy gold stocks, be aware of the fine print: history may not repeat. There’s no law that says we have to get a mania; it’s a good bet, we’ve no doubt, but it could be different than what we saw before – maybe the mania occurs just in gold and not the stocks… or maybe it’s only in certain geographical areas… or it takes longer than what some investors have the patience for.

The point here is simple: don’t invest so much that you get wiped out if it doesn’t come to pass.

In the end, though, we think the efforts by governments around the world to reflate the economy will work. Throughout history, a fiat currency system has never lasted – not even once. Eventually, they all fade away. And whether or not gold (or silver) are somehow figured into the monetary replacement, the odds are high that we’ll see a mania of epic proportions in our industry, as the world’s current fiat currencies implode. Truly life-changing gains will be reaped by those with the foresight, courage, and cash to act before it arrives.

So, yes, someday we think your favorite gold stock will sell for $200. Or perhaps a lot more. READ MORE…