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Sometimes we’re given a gift. Lately we’ve been looking hard and understanding the difference between Keynesian and Austrian economics. Central to this challenge is understanding what capitalism truly is. Perhaps nobody in America understands this better than Peter Schiff. He’s part of the richest 1% in America and knows it. But he’s also against the same basic things that the OWS protesters are against. The problem is that they don’t really know what exactly they’re for or against. In this outstanding effort we are grateful to Mr. Schiff for making the effort to understand what exactly the OWS crowd has to say, help them to see how their thinking isn’t really according to truth and then challenge them to focus in a way that would be more productive for, not just them but, the whole country. There is a very real sense in which this video will teach you more about the ramifications of Keynesianism, through practical discussion, than Another Joe could possibly provide through these newsletters.

We encourage you to take the time to listen to what’s said. Try to understand the heart of the people crying out, because they really do recognize the basics of the problem. Then grasp the truth of their real problems as Peter does an excellent job helping them to recognize their plight for what it really is.

[NOTE: The above, and lengthy, video was made private for some reason. It’s too bad, because listening to the whole thing is quite an education. However, part of it is available below. If the full length becomes available I’ll repost.]

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Another Joe

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