“Today unMEAN sTWEETs celebrates your awesome comment!” 

The above vibe was passed all around steemit today, to inspire the newest adopters of steemit. #introduceyourself is filled with events, almost hourly and should be visited more readily and often. First impression especially at this point in steemit’s one year life is key!
Many new ones are joining this beautiful steemit journey and they will need a more animated conscious road map/whitepaper;
“You and me!”

It is amazing to see community and interaction happen playful in the comments. We know that many people, may not know what steemit is; in its entirety, when they first get here, thus, our back and forth comments create pathways; leaves markings and an eventual road map; to guide these new ones in their journey in wonderland!
Those tinnie-winnie playful comments, that you leave here and there; all around steemit, can also inspire these new ones; instantly painting steemit as beautiful as

Standard small 2 op

Stack 11 Op