The Paleo-Trail discussion group is a subtrail (via of SteemTrail with it’s own new Steemit account! This account will be used by the curators of paleo-trail to comment on posts we curate and to post updates and informational articles on paleo diet subjects. It will also vote on the very best posts we find.

Our three curators will be searching Steemit for posts using the #paleo tag or which provide other paleo-friendly content. We read and comment on these articles, offering advice if needed to make it the best post possible (See our guidelines).

If we select your article as one of the best of the day, we will give it our group vote, then promote it to Steemtrail who will scrutinize it by their criteria, and if they upvote it you get the entire trail’s upvotes. This is not like a bot. Each step of the way real human