Virtualgrowth placing orders for STEEM related bitshares UIAs (User Issued Assets) to help build markets for users.

@virtualgrowth bought over 1000 #taskmanager during the ico and now offers to buy & sell these tokens in numerous markets. Below you can see prices and volume for @taskmanager recently:

TRAIL Coin is a new bitshares UIA. More information may be read in the live announcment: SteemTrail’s TRAIL coin – Live Now!

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Trail Coin (TRAIL)

What is it?

TRAIL is a reward token for participants in the SteemTrail venture (#steemtrail). As stated in TRAIL’s introduction a couple of days ago:

The purpose of TRAIL is to reward those who participate in SteemTrail as curators and are active in the voting trail. Authors who are chosen by SteemTrail communities and upvoted by SteemTrail will also be rewarded with TRAIL.

Virtualgrowth is offering to buy TRAIL with bitcoin (BTC), bitshares (BTS), bitUSD, STEEM, TASKMANAGER, VIRGROW & more.