As we pointed out in the SteemNews.Online introduction, and as is clearly apparent in our posts, we need a logo!

So, guess what!

We’re having a contest!

First, Who Are We?

One Agenda – The Truth Without Bias

The tagline pretty much sums it up, except for the fact that we publish Steemit authors exclusively. If it’s not on Steemit, then it’s not on SteemNews.Online.

SteemNews.Online is a website under development, represented by this account. It’s our desire to help give greater visibility to excellent Steemit authors and provide a news source that can be accessed without requiring readers to comb through all the articles on Steemit. Plus, our “Featured” section contains articles that we’ve already read and promote as the cream of the crop.

Promoting Your Content

Our main goal is to bring outstanding news content to one place for readers who desire to catch up on events without wading

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