I’ve been receiving some excellent submissions for our community video, “1 Second Per Steemian” *(working title)*!

So far, 15 people have sent links to their clips for this project.
So thank you to the following people!

#### ~ @andrarchy ~ @anotherjoe ~ @avarice ~ @beanz ~ @chanthasam ~ @fyrstikken ~ @lasseehlers ~ @mattclarke ~ @meesterboom ~ @mrwang ~ @sarahjordan ~ @shieha ~ @surfermarly ~ @tarekadam ~ @transhuman ~
## We still have a long way to go, so keep those submissions coming!

[For details about this project, click here.]([For filming tips, click here.](

# Deadline Announcement×300.jpg
Due to the pace at which submissions are currently coming in, I’ve decided to announce a deadline for submitting material so that perhaps we can get this wrapped up in as timely a manner as possible. After all, it’s only ONE MONTH before 2017, and it would be great to have this thing ready to go for the start of