Greetings Steemit, the past couple of months there have been various charitable efforts come across Steemit. Some we identify with. Some are ongoing. Some are one-offs because of an immediate need. It’s all the sort of things we expect to see when compassionate folks get together and want to change the world.

One thing that is puzzling me, though, is how small the payouts seem to be for charitable efforts. It’s not that they don’t get a lot of votes, because they generally do. But the payouts tend to be small. Here are some examples:

– @steemitcharity is striving to add to our ability to support great causes. But the payouts are mediocre. They need more followers too, with only 65 right now.
– The #charity tag has a lot of projects, but most are resulting in pretty mediocre payouts. A few did really well, but if you look closely they