### The trailer for the new Wolverine movie is out, with Logan looking a bit worn and haggard.

Johnny Cash’s, *Hurt*, is amazingly fitting for this trailer, adding a feel that tends to set up the viewer to want to see how the song, and the unveiled promises of the trailer, will be fulfilled.

When I first saw the trailer, it struck me as odd. How can Wolverine, who’s almost two centuries old now, be so aged. We’ve watched him through various battles through the ages, showing little physical wear (though the emotional scars are clearly deep).

As it turns out, the story is set eight years from now, but still – is that long enough for him to have aged? There are other tie-ins that bring confusing as to which timeline this move follows. Remember, in *Days of Future Past*, he’s in two different timelines. One is the *First Class* timeline, while