Leslie McFall makes an interesting observation in his _Bibliotheca Sacra_ article, “Did Thiele Overlook Hezekiah’s Coregency?”https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5d/The_Bible_panorama%2C_or_The_Holy_Scriptures_in_picture_and_story_%281891%29_%2814781827461%29.jpgWikimedia
>Second Kings 15:30 marks Hoshea’s accession and 2 Kings 17:1 marks the end of his reign. Thiele understood מָלַךּ in 2 Kings 17:1 as “began to reign,” as the Revised Standard Version has consistently translated it 10 times out of 12 for Israel’s kings, and 12 times out of 13 occurrences for Judah’s kings. In three cases the RSV has translated it “reigned” (1 Kings 14:21; 16:15 ; 2 Kings 15:8). However, in the case of Judah’s kings there is a longer list of circumstances attached to the notice of accession in which a second מָלַךּ is used of the duration of each king’s reign. The RSV consistently translates this second מָלַךּ as “he reigned” (19 occurrences). This second מָלַךּ has been omitted for all Israel’s kings, but the RSV has unnecessarily introduced it in


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