Several years ago my daughter-in-law went to get some groceries for a get together with my sons and their wives. They talked about the things they wanted, the food they’d be making and made a list of what they wanted. took care of it for all of us, and did a great job. But she made a slight mistake. As my older son was getting ready to make his favorite guacamole recipe, he couldn’t find the avocado. When his sister-in-law was asked, she said, “Yes I did”, and pointed at the mango.

Heh, no worries. While we didn’t get guacamole, I was excited to see that she’d gotten the mango. A lot of the ingredients are the same as for my mango salsa, a sort of pico de gallo with mangoes.

Ingredients are pretty simple and available in most stores. Really, the only special ingredient is the mango itself. I like to

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