Precious-metals investors have had quite a scare in recent weeks. Since late November, gold has lost nearly $100 an ounce – a decline of almost 6%! During the same time frame, silver has slipped by nearly 12%.Having a strong stomach is part of investing in a volatile market. If, like many, you are feeling financial heartburn over gold’s recent downward movement, I’d like to give you a reason to actually get excited when your favorite yellow metal takes a dive – a bit of journalistic Pepto Bismol, so to speak.First, we’ll discuss the main driver behind gold’s most recent dip, and why this is just irrational herd behavior rather than financial and economic sense. Then we’ll review the reasons we own gold and why the recent price reduction is actually good for you as a gold investor.

via Time to Sell Your Gold? | Worldwide Precious Metals Exchange.


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