I’ve told you before about the Hard Assets Alliance – our preferred precious metals vendor –and more specifically about their SmartMetals™ program – a breakthrough in precious metals investing that lets you buy, sell, store, or have physical metals delivered right to your door with all the ease of buying an ETF.

Well, I just got word that they’ve improved on an already solid system with the introduction of two great new features:

NEW Feature #1: Store in Singapore

Effective immediately, you can purchase a variety of gold bars as well as Maple Leafs and Buffalos and store them in one of the most highly-regarded safe havens in the world.

To do so, simply claim your free SmartMetals account, then fund and purchase the desired metals.

NEW Feature #2: ACH – an ultra-convenient way to move funds into your trading account fast

Until now, you could fund your account by check, which required mailing time and a holding period, not to mention the initial hassle of writing it out and sending it in. Or, you could do a wire transfer which, while much quicker, involved a fee assessed by your bank.

via SmartMetals just got even better! | Worldwide Precious Metals Exchange.

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