Greetings Regular Joes,

Perhaps the title sounds a little sour. I guess I am a bit. Here we are in another presidential race, once again having two candidates set before us, neither of whom is the right man for the job.

In one corner, we have the incumbent. He’s a pretty smooth talker. But that’s about where it ends, and he’s not even strong in that category. He’s proven to be a fascist in his perspective. If anyone’s seen Obama’s America 2016, then you can see how he really has little in the way of historical American values. The Constitution is simply something to refer to when it’s convenient, but from a redactive perspective. His monetary policies are doing nothing other than continue to rape the country of wealth. And, as one commentator stated, “Obama so loves the poor, he’s creating millions more.” The middle-class is disappearing before our eyes, giving way to a growing class of serfdom, utterly dependent upon the state for sustenance.

In the other is a man who is a shrewd businessman. In fact, he’s shown himself to be so competent in this regard that he actually might do a decent job trying to change fiscal policy. But he still reveals socialist tendencies. He’s not pointed out the major issues that must be taken care of in order to really turn this country around.

What issues? How about the cronyism that drives the country now? Special interests and corporatism have destroyed any semblance of  true “representation” of the people or true capitalism in our economy. It’s a train wreck. Or how about the Federal Reserve? This is the greatest Ponzi scam in history. Is their printer really that superior to my own, that they can print dollars at will? If I tried that I’d go to jail. They do it and we call it stimulus.

The fact is, big government (now the most massive employer on the planet) has destroyed freedom in this country. And, in regard to those with experience and who might actually have a shot at leading this country, there is only one man I know of for the job. Only one man has challenged the status quo of cronyism? Only one has stated that the FED is a problem, not a solution. And that is why, on election day, I will be writing in Ron Paul for president.

I’ve not made it secret. And I’ve had friends tell me that I’m “wasting” my vote. But I tell them that I will NOT settle for voting for the lesser of two evils. I will not vote AGAINST someone while at the same time voting against my conscience. Instead, I will vote for the man I am convinced is the best man for the job.

In this, I encourage all Americans to consider their consciences. Are you caught up in the empty promises? Does the smooth talk sway you? Were you actually a little uneasy with Ron Paul’s radical ideas? That’s because, though he’s right, he’s so far from the socialism that we’ve all been indoctrinated into that most of us can’t even think that way. It seems too radical. But all he’s doing is stating that we need to get back to the basics that made this country the great country that it once was. That can’t happen under either of the two front-runners.

In this, I refuse to violate my principles and thereby my conscience. Knowing that most American’s are either too ignorant, greedy or corrupt to vote for him, I don’t expect him to win. When was the last time a president won as a write in? But I will sleep well election night, knowing that, to the best of my ability, I voted for the best man for the job.

Kind regards,
Another Joe


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