Greetings Regular Joes,

We’ve been slow at updating lately due to some challenges life has set before us. It’s nothing to be overly concerned about, just changes that demand our attention. As a result, I’ve not written anything for two weeks. In fact, I haven’t even taken the time to post any of my material lately.

Our house closed toward the end of the month. We were quite unprepared for the move, anticipating that we likely wouldn’t sell for at least a year or so. However, Providence determined to bless us with a fairly quick and painless sale, meaning we had to get out and figure out where we would be living.

Since a couple of goals we’ve shared here include being geographically diversified and unrestrained regarding income, the last thing we wanted to do was turn around and buy another house. Instead, we opted to move near family in AZ. So, packing up the Penske truck, along with a trailer, we moved from MI to AZ, from humid to dry, from pasties to peppers, from Yoopers to Zonies. Having grown up in AZ, it only made sense. But now we’re hunkering in to figure out what’s next.

Several options are on the table. I’m still doing my freelance writing, which brings in a trickle. We started up WWPMX as a member of the Hard Assets Alliance featuring SmartMetals. While we’ve built up some content there, as you can see the site needs some work. However, this was too exciting an opportunity to simply let slip by. We consider this to be the best means of buying, storing, taking delivery and selling precious metals available at this time, by far. Everything can be improved, but we consider this to offer an incredible leap in a direction that brings the private investor closer to being able to invest at spot prices than ever before. We strongly encourage Regular Joes to take a look at the Precious Metals Investor Kit in order to see what we’re talking about. While our WWPMX site offers the same info, plus some, the Investor Kit is fairly comprehensive and detailed, providing all you need to make a decision. Furthermore, if readers subscribe to SmartMetals™ before the end of August, the registration fee of $35 is waived. There are no charges or entry fees to open an account, so we strongly encourage readers to at least set up the account now, while it’s free, even if they’re not certain they’re going to use the service.

And, in case you missed it, we had a Seeking Alpha article published on the day of the launch. The response was phenomenal, beyond anything we had anticipated. My first attempt at an article wasn’t exactly exemplary. It received fair attention and commentary. This article on Sandstorm Gold has picked up almost 6500 views though, more than doubling my last attempt. It’s not the kind of writing I’m accustomed to, so it’s been very rewarding to see the response. And we really think Sandstorm Gold offers a great opportunity for investors.

There’s a little bit more brewing in regard to HAA that we can’t divulge at this point. Hopefully by Labor Day we’ll know more. But, for now, it’s too preliminary for us to freely discuss it. But, if it works, it should free us to accomplish the goals we set before us in regard to being able to geographically diversify and work from any location we choose.

As long-time readers are aware, part of the goal of starting this blog was to try to help the average Joe think outside the box and rise above his circumstances. With all that seems pitted against some who are struggling, the idea of excelling seems daunting. And the daily struggle can bring on a sense of despondency that we allow to keep us from moving forward. However, move forward we must. And with the right mix of ingenuity, tenacity, courage and foresight, our circumstances become weapons in our arsenal as we learn to use them to our advantage. Isn’t that central to the thought of Romans 8:28?

I’ll leave you with these thoughts. Daily entries may still be elusive for a while, as we look forward. But, if this new product works as we hope, after that point we hope to be able to write more often.

Kind regards,
Another Joe


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