A few years from now it’ll be illuminating to look back at 2011. By then we’ll be able to see more clearly how the recent developments of the U.S. fiscal policy have affected us.

There are many facets of the pursuit and preservation of wealth. Here at The Gold Informant our goal is to help you think through what we consider the most dynamic opportunity available. We’ll be digging into why on a consistent basis.

In the next day or two, unless something prodigious happens on the economic scene, we’ll take a look back, discerning where we’ve been. Then we’ll take a day or two and try to peer into the future, always an uncertain venture, and attempt to discern what we should expect.

Regardless of where you stand on domestic and international markets, there are sure to be some surprises. But for those of us who understand the fundamentals of true money, we’re pretty certain we’ll see some extreme volatility.

The recent drop in precious metals prices, from our perspective, only adds to that certainty. However, we don’t enter this new year with any sense of trepidation; quite the opposite, in fact. We see our current circumstances as outstanding, with great expectations for new records in precious metals.

For now, we’ll leave you with these thoughts to kick off 2012.

Remember that one of your greatest investments you can ever make is in knowledge. This isn’t just in markets, regarding how you invest monetarily. It’s in every area of life. Growth in knowledge will equip you to think and make decisions for yourself, whether in regard to family, politics, health or, of course, your finances.

Fundamentals – Economics is not rocket science, or as one of my favorite writers says, “rocket surgery.” The basics of economics are actually straightforward. Remember supply and demand? These are irrefutable laws. They ALWAYS win out eventually. Sure, they can be suppressed for a period. But, as with any other natural law, just like the change of seasons, they eventually win out. So don’t be intimidated by the economic gurus who paint charts and explain things in terminology that only they can understand. Dig into the fundamentals and basics, discerning the times and where the greatest opportunity lies.

Don’t dwell too much on the past. It’s done. Make it a tool in your arsenal of knowledge. Regardless of whether success or failure stands out most this past year, be careful to recognize it as a learning opportunity. This brightens your future as you consider what it looks like in a new light. Success generally reveals that you’ve learned from previous mistakes. Failures represent opportunities to grow in knowledge, promoting future success. Remember, any success we have is a result of learning from our, or someone else’s, failures.

Though there are more points we could consider, this one is tremendously powerful. Take responsibility for your own actions. This is tied closely to dwelling on the past, as we often try to blame others for our current challenges. It may be that someone has slammed you hard. It could be you’ve been cheated or ripped off. Don’t let that be an anchor. Take responsibility for where you are and where you’re headed. If your plan doesn’t pan out, learn from it and keep on keeping on. Grab the reins and kick your stallion in the sides, charging ahead in life with all you can offer. Then, when you do look back, you can’t ever regret not having tried.

via Four Key Principles in Successful Investing | The Gold Informant – Not for the weak minded.