This is an interesting observation by Chris Powell of GATA. The comment comparing those who espouse a gold standard to those who embrace creationism is meant to be disparaging. Another Joe takes it as an extreme compliment.

Creation and the gold standard are tied closely together, with the first reference of gold being in Genesis 2. Abraham was wealthy with gold. Gold has been a medium of trade for thousands of years. Creationism has been central to science for thousands of years. In fact, historically speaking, science has been an effort to understanding God better through the study of His creation.

Man, in his misguided arrogance, tries to one-up God, messing up everything with his self-aggrandizement. God provides a stable form of currency, which man refuses in favor of something he can manipulate to the detriment of all subjected to his system. Everything that God created is good. But man denies God, bowing down before the altar of chance and worshiping the evolutionary accident.

Thank you Lawrence Summers for so clearly setting us apart.

Kind regards,
Another Joe


What’s crazier than creationism and gold? It’s in your wallet

Lawrence Summers, former U.S. treasury secretary and president of Harvard, is reported to have remarked the other day that “the gold standard is the creationism of economics”:

Of course Summers meant the worst sort of disparagement, to liken gold standard advocates to religious crazies. And yet there are various creationisms and various gold standards.

What is called young earth creationism may have begun in 1650 with the Anglican bishop of Ireland, James Ussher, who famously calculated from his biblical research that God had created the universe in October 4004 B.C. Old earth creationism doesn’t attempt to pinpoint the moment, arguing that the Creator’s time frame is not man’s and that His day as recounted in Genesis cannot be known to man. Old earth creationists may consider the issue settled by God’s rebuke to Job: “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the Earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding.” Despite their vast presumption to knowledge, even presidents of Harvard weren’t around then.

via What’s crazier than creationism and gold? It’s in your wallet | Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.

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