This article was delivered by Casey Research today (Friday), offering some salient warnings regarding western society. While we don’t want to be alarmists, we do want to be realists. With this in mind, we offer this as what we consider to be a must read. And, as always, read with discernment. An excerpt is found below, with a link to the full version following.

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The Rise of the Praetorian Class

By Pete Kofod

In order to evade the inexorable path to ruin, two critical actions must be taken. First, it is imperative to understand historically how events play out, identifying key milestones along the process. Some milestones may include the level of military spending, such as the $700 billion that the United States spends annually on defense. Consider the escalating threat propaganda. Leading up to the war with Iraq in 2003, a common justification heard was “We gotta fight them there, so we don’t have to fight them here.” Apparently that strategy didn’t work, since the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act declared the United States part of the global battlefield. Is it the increasing monitoring and control exerted over the media, including the subpoena and detention of free-speech activists? Or perhaps it is the tortuous argument that the private minting of silver coins bearing no resemblance to US legal tender currency represents domestic terrorism.

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